"Megan Kirby's lockdown diary Another Day in Paradise carries the reader from despair to hope and in between... It bristles with life—minutiae and big feelings."
—John Porcellino, Author of King-Cat Comics and Stories

“In Another Day in Paradise, Megan Kirby captures the unflagging uncertainties and creature comforts of a historically stressful time. They're what great diary comics are meant to be: an intimate window into all the little things that make up a life, drawn in an endearing style.”
—Corinne Mucha, Author of Get Over It!

“Megan Kirby spent her pandemic like the rest of us: she bleached half her hair, ate cold chili straight from the can, and smoked a lot of weed. What did it all mean? To our good fortune, in Another Day in Paradise, Kirby resists the temptation to offer neat conclusions about all that time being bored, horny, and alone. Instead, she points out what's meaningful and pleasurable and not at all horrifying about trying to stay alive in our time of cascading crises, smooth brain, and Lady Gaga Oreos™. After all, Kirby might ask, What is any of us if not a slowly melting marshmallow Peep in a blazing hot cup of joe?!”
—Naomi Huffman, Co-founder of Hagfish

"Megan Kirby is bar-none my favorite living graphic artist/writer/memoirist, & Another Day in Paradise is a joy: beautiful, insightful, fundamentally optimistic in the face of challenges big & small, full to the brim with delight & executed with some of the best lines and linework I've ever seen. Kirby is a freaking treasure & you will love her & this fun account of some decidedly unfun times."
—Juan Martinez, Author of Extended Stay and Best Worst American: Stories

“We’ll spend the next hundred years wrapping our collective brains around the statistics of incalculable loss incurred during the pandemic. Another Day in Paradise goes after our hearts—the fear of the virus, the loneliness of isolation, and the ridiculous minutia of our day-to-day lives. When she spilled a box of thumbtacks on the floor and thought, When I step on one tomorrow at least I’ll feel something, I laughed like a lunatic, and then I cried my face off. Megan Kirby tells the truth like nobody else—messy, deadly, astonishingly beautiful.”
—Megan Stielstra, Author of The Wrong Way to Save Your Life

I didn’t want to read this book because any reminder of 2020 makes me depressed—I can’t even look at a tie-dyed sweatsuit without getting anxious! But Megan Kirby’s poignant comic diary of the pandemic’s early days surprised me: reading about solo walks, vaccine road trips, and finding solace in creativity was a healing experience. Drawn with love and humor, Another Day in Paradise showed me that I was anything but alone during an isolating and traumatic time. Here’s to moving forward.
—Chris L. Terry, Author of Black Card and Zero Fade



MEGAN KIRBY writes zines about things like The Rainforest Café, One Direction, X-Files, and her own goofy life. She was voted Best Comics Illustrator by The Chicago Reader in 2019 and 2020.


12.5 x 9.5
Printed in Chicago on French Paper